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New channels on Instagram are very hard to promote, because people don’t want to subscribe on accounts with just a few followers. If they see only tens of subscribers, they think that the channel is bad, even when it’s not true.

Even good channels need start boost to develop and grow. There are some ways you may try:

  • You can patiently wait, when your channel would be big enough with organic subscribers, but it may take even a half of a year. But, you don’t want to wait that long.
  • You can invite new subscribers by your own. But keep in mind, that there is a limit for it — just 50 people a day. And it’s only invitation — not subscription. Not so much, yeah?
  • You can use Instafollowfast and get 100 followers on Instagram just in an hour.

Our service is the cheapest on the market. The cost of easy 100 followers on Instagram is just $1,79. It means that you can promote your account for the price of 2 cups of coffee. Good offer, isn’t it?

Buying 100 Instagram followers is the fastest way to make your account grow. All accounts we use for subscribing are real and active, so it’s completely safe kind of boost. Make an order and gain your first followers right now.

Buying 100 followers — great opportunity to instant growth

New account in Instagram takes a long time to promoting. When it has just few subscribers new visitors even don’t watch your posts — they just leave thinking that this account isn’t worth their attention.

This first stage is the longest and the hardest one. There are lots of good channels which was abandoned because of it.

But you can skip the first stage rapidly and have a fine starting boost, which helps you to make your channel popular and active. Just buy your first Instagram followers!

How to increase instagram followers 100 work:

  • Accounts with some amount of followers seems more trustable. People think the more subscribers the channel has, the better it is.
  • The IG system check the activity and new subscribers, so your channel would get more organic shows.
  • You can invite not more than 50 persons to subscribe at your account a day. Buying followers saves your time.
  • It’s one of the cheapest way of promotion.

Make an order and gain new followers right now!

Why you need to choose InstaFollowFast

Great opportunity to develop your IG account from scratch. It’s perfect for small pages, if you want to get the first subscribers instantly.

The main advantages of 100 followers on Instagram package are:

Low prices

Just $1,79 for 100 followers

Active followers

All followers are active, and there would be no unsubscribes

Attractive account

This would make your account more attractive for new subscribers

Fast delivery

Time of delivery is just about an hour — Instafollowfast is one of the fastest service on the market

Starting boost

It’s a good starting boost for IG account, which accelerate its promotion

How to get 100 followers on instagram in one day?

In order to get 100 followers on instagram you need just to click on the “Buy” button, mark your name, the account you need to boost, and pay you order by any method acceptable by you.

Buy 100 Instagram followers and promote your account immediately.

FAQ & Answers

Are purchased 100 followers real and safe?

All followers you get with the help of Instafollowfast is completely safe way of account promotion and we guarantee that you would not have unfollow from our accounts.

Is 100 purchased followers enough for new accounts?

100 followers package is created for such new pages which needs some starting promotional boost. It’s enough for new accounts, but if you need more, you can easily use bigger packages.


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«I don’t really like massfollowing and other kinds of ig hype, you know, but this is the real thing. After buying myself 100 new followers, the interest of other users in my account increased markedly. I am also talking about the number of views and likes, so now new followers find me and send their requests. Thanks a lot, guys) Love you!»
«thank you so much»
«This is for real you can get free views»
«Amazing service. :-) 5 Stars»
«More than happy with this service here, great communication and a pleasure to work with. Would order again and without hesitation recommend!»
«Outstanding Experience, Fast Results!»
«Great, exactly as described. Will be ordering more»
«Amazing service!! They know what they do! TY!!!»
«The best Instagram service I have ever worked with. Excellent communication and did everything I asked and more. If looking to grow your IG account with FOLLOWERS and LIKES this is what you need!»
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