12 ways to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Author: Instagram Specialist28 March 2019

Instagram stories is not just a creative service which exist for simply entertaining friends. Also, it is an excellent method to promote a brand, product and services of a company of a physical person. If everything is done in a correct way, it’s possible to increase the quantity of the followers in IG and make more traffic to the website, as well as make the audience more loyal to the brand. In the long run it increases sales rates.

Our guide will explain how to use Instagram stories for business promotion. Have a look on some useful advice and ideas to improve your business!

What are Stories on Instagram like?

Instagram stories provide the users with opportunity to combine video clips and photographs from other social media to brief slideshows on which graphics, smiles or text can be lain over.

And here’s the thing: the story disappears exactly in 24 hours after you upload it. You cannot save stories in the same way as you do with photo or video a user places on his page. On one hand, such limitation is a disadvantage: you have to keep your followers up; but on the other hand, it is an excellent way to support continuous interest in people.

Use Instagram Stories for Business Tips

Tip №1: Create IG Stories in accordance with business strategy
Tip №2: When and how often to add Instagram Stories
Tip №3: Show what happens behind the curtain
Tip №4: Upload products and events announces
Tip №5: Arrange sales, limited offers and contests
Tip №6: Create interactive content and communicate with the audience
Tip №7: Share GIF files and IGTV in your Instagram stories
Tip №8: Take part in viral news discussion – become a part of a trend
Tip №9: Attach geotags and hashtags
Tip №10: Incite followers with the help of links
Tip №11: Mark other accounts
Tip № 12: Don’t forget about Instagram aesthetics


Tip №1: Create IG Stories in accordance with business strategy

Many Instagram users use stories daily. And here arises the necessity to post truly good content. Also, it is important to keep up to the strategy so that you can be consistent and have an opportunity to analyze your actions.

Well-designed strategies are a good idea for all social media platforms. Stories in IG are not the exception. They allow you get Insta users interested, acquire one more highly effective promotion channel and means of communication with the audience.

Tip №2: When and how often to add Instagram Stories

As far as stories in Instagram leave “alive” for only 24 hours, it is essential to create them exactly at the time when the followers of your account show maximum activity. In such a way you can reach immediate involvement of followers in your stories.
However, in case you make publications on a regular basis, you can relax: even if you publish stories at the time when the greatest part of your followers are asleep, these people will all the same be able see your publication in the upper part of your channel when they get up.

It is important to keep the publications on a regular basis but the frequency of publishing stories depends on your strategy and business as a whole. For instance, some famous companies place more than 10 stories a day, while on other business accounts you can see a single story in a week. Search for best choice for your case.

You should also consider that for creating and publishing a great number of stories daily require a lot of time and efforts. At the same time, content quality ought to be on a high level. Additionally, you have to bear in mind that publications will become your peculiar feature. Followers will expect a lot of stories from you on a regular basis: frustrated expectations can make people unsubscribe from your account.

Lifehack: you can buy Instagram story views to promote account with the help of stories in shorter terms.

Now, when we are done with preparations, we will tell how to use Instagram story for business promotion. Hereunder you can find effective ways of promotion.

Tip №3: Show what happens behind the curtain

People are curious. They are always interested in what happens on the backstage. Moreover, they’ve got bored from strict manicured advertising campaigns. It is one of the main reasons of Instagram stories popularity – they feel more alive and truer to life.

  • something unconnected to your company’s business directly: a photo of corporate special event or teambuilding, a photo of office keep-fit studio;
  • something connected with production process: a slow-mo footage of the conveyer with spare parts or a timelapse video of car’s assembly or tuning;
  • some really great achievement: you may even show a brief review of how your team reached it step by step.

Generally, demonstrate you product or company from the different angle.

Tip №4: Upload products and events announces

If you are about to release a new product, settle some curiosity for it in your followers. Tell about its best features but keep in mind to create the story a bit intriguing: people following your channel will look forward to seeing the release on the new product.

Announce events as well, for instance:

  • webinars;
  • conferences;
  • masterclasses.

Tell people about these but do not intrude: you can lose followers if you make them buy something.

Lifehack: attach a sticker with a countdown to a story about a coming event. Your followers can subscribe for this event and receive a notification when the time is up. In such a way more followers will remember your event and the outreach will enhance.

Also, you can heighten the interest of Instagram users with a live video, let it even be short, apart from event announce. Although it will hardly capture the audience at once, you can reach much more up to the next event.

Tip №5: Arrange sales, limited offers and contests

Publish sales reviews and limited offers in IG stories to get the followers interested. Good-looking pictures of the product or illustrating service induce people to pay attention to your publication. However, consider all in good measure: stories are about naturality but not theatrics: too obvious intention to stimulate customers to purchase will lead to their frustration and worsening loyalty to your brand.

If you have less than 10 thousand followers, use shopping stickers for promotion - Shoppable Instagram Stories. They can be placed on the photos as well as on video clips. All in all there exit 4 kinds of such stickers:

  1. symbol with a shopping cart;
  2. rainbow-like sticker with the product name;
  3. gray-colored sticker with the product name;
  4. translucent text.

Just choose which one fits you best!

Tip №6: Create interactive content and communicate with the audience

If you want your audience to pay interest to you, show it from yourself first: investigate what are your followers fond of, what do they like and what they do not, where they get pleasant impressions and what irritates them. So, how to realize this? Simply ask them about the point!

There exist interactive stickers and emoji for polls in Instagram stories: you can ask questions to the users, make polls and see the results by means of them.

Provide feedback. Except for sliders for smiles, as well as stickers for polls conducting which provide the opportunity to vote for the users, you can answer questions asked by Instagram users on your own.

It does not take much time as far as participation in questions-answers lasts for no more than 10 minutes. At the same time, the users become convinced that you care about them as people but not only as customers. You may even ask them to answer some questions of your manager: show to your followers that he is also a live human and he is interested in their opinion.

Tip №7: Share GIF files and IGTV in your Instagram stories

You can create high-quality gifs with the help of Instagram. Now you can make your IG story more spontaneous and informal by attaching GIF animation to any photo or video clip from the stories.

Use the feature carefully: stories should not look awkward and offend the eye because of the great amount of animation. Your concern is to make your publications more individual and improve your channel recognition.

Share your IGTV videos in stories – you can use this attitude for cross-promotion. Such story allows seeing the name of shared publication author. For those who see your story it gives an opportunity to tap on the owner’s name to see the original message.

Tip №8: Take part in viral news discussion – become a part of a trend

News spread over social media very swiftly: the latest exciting stories always capture much attention and their comments threads multiply at a blistering pace. Use tips and tricks of guerrilla marketing:

  1. find the most popular story;
  2. think of its connection with your goods or services;
  3. take part in discussion.

Just to name a few, you can comment on the news in your business area. You are an owner of the clothing store? Give some comments on someone’s story about a new fashion show or trends. You sell smart phones or consumer electronics? Comment the stories about new technologies in this sphere. Alternatively, in case your business is directly connected with goods and services promotion, leave your comments under the stories with books and seminars announces in your business area. Altogether, there are plenty of variants.

Tip №9: Attach geotags and hashtags

Earlier you were able to share stories with only those who are subscribed for your channel but today each and every Instagram user has an opportunity to see your stories. By marking geolocation and attaching related hashtags you make the life of your followers easier and simultaneously enhance the outreach of your target audience. Your followers can find your published story by hashtag or by location mark on Explore page. In case your story attracts a great number of participants, you can even appear in “Review”. This will call for even more interest to your channel.

Tip №10: Incite followers with the help of links

If your business account has at least 10 thousand followers, you have an opportunity to easily engage traffic with the help of stories by inserting hyperlinks into them.

Live audience can scroll through your stories containing URL addresses and follow the links to where you wish. In such a way, by means of hyperlinks in insta stories you can engage traffic to a wished:

  • website;
  • blog;
  • page in other social media;
  • YouTube channel;
  • Your partner’s page.

Tip №11: Mark other accounts

If you would like to know how to use story on Instagram to attract attention to the contests – simply tag other accounts to involve them in contests participation. It is one of the easiest ways to engage such traffic.

Also, it is useful to mark other account in your stories while amalgamation or takeover campaigns. With the help of this hack you will capture the followers of these companies as well. You can be sure that their followers will be grateful for your care.

You can put tags to followers’ accounts as well as other people, just to name a few – opinion leaders, other enterprises and companies. It’s better to mark them in sponsor stories.

Tip № 12: Don’t forget about Instagram aesthetics

As well as for conventional photo and video publications in Instagram, you should keep up to Insta aesthetics for effective stories promotion. The point is rather in quality of photos and videos in stories than in filters. The fact that stories should be natural does not mean that you can publish indistinct photos and blurred videos. A fine camera and correct viewing angle are essential. After all, it’s not an amateur channel but a respectable business account.

Instagram Stories are an effective tool of communication with audience that gives an opportunity to increase traffic and loyalty to the brand. As well as for other promotion channels, the main point of business promotion with the help of IG stories is customer-oriented approach. Once you learn what your audience likes and begin to consider its preferences, you win. The methods set forth hereinabove do work but only by way of trial you can find out what’s the best for your channel.

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