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Buy Instagram likes just on a few clicks

Most people don’t put likes under posts even if they really like them. But at the same time they draw attention on the amount of likes on the page. But you don’t need a lot of time to earn the amount of likes you need. You can gain likes on Instagram just in an hour without complications and wasted time.
There are some reason to buy IG likes cheap:
  • We guarantee only qualitative friends without fake pages and bots.
  • You need just a few clicks. You can choose daily or even monthly type of subscription — they’re perfect for both small and big accounts.
  • All targeted likes can be paid online by credit card, paypal or any other way of paying.
  • Choose any type of payment you find on the site.
To get likes on instagram you need just an hour — that time our generator needs to spread all likes. We guarantee that all your likes would be delivered in 60 minutes. If it’s
Instafollowfast offers different packages from 100 to 10000 likes. It’s enough to achieve any promotional goal for your account.
What does Instafollowfast need for?
  • Fast account promotion with new likes and followers.
  • Creation of fine professional image.
  • Boosting new accounts.
  • Increasing the organic promotion of account.
You can use buying likes as a part of complex promotion of Instagram account or as a single tool. It’s effective instrument which would help you to boost your account as quickly as possible.
Instafollowfast is one of the most reliable and quick liking service on the whole market. More than 10 000 insta clients trust us and get lots of instagram likes with our help. Make an order and you’d know why.
Getting likes on instagram is more easy than you you may think. Buy Instagram likes and make an instant promotion of your account.

Benefits of buying Instagram likes

Increase your audience
The more likes you have under your publications, the more new visitors see your page. If the account has lots of likes, IG algorithm reckon it interesting and useful, and gives it much more space for organical development.
Less effort
To gain more likes you don’t need to spend much time on analysing and developing your account. Now you can promote your publications with likes just in a few clicks.
Get more popularity
You can draw less attention to people reaction and concentrate just on the content. You would create fine image of popular account with little efforts, but would get maximum results of them.
Build the brand
The amount of likes under publications play a large part in branding to use IG account for business needs. You don’t need to wait months for organic likes — just order them from Instafollowfast.

How to gain Instagram likes

Full setting of service takes just 2 minutes. And here exactly what you need to do:

Select Package

For your convenience we create a variety of packages, which meet any goals and budgets. But if you need customer setup, just contact us, and we’ll help you.

Do The Setup

Log into Instafloolwfast with your Instagram profile, write your username and e-mail. If you need, set target and likes options — and that’s all.

Make payment

Pay for chosen package. And when the process is launched, open your account and watch the waterfall of new Instagram Followers and Likes

Why get Instagram likes in Instafollowfast

Low Prices
All offers from Instafollowfast are affordable for any Instagram user. We provide one of the cheapest service in the market, so you can be sure, that you won’t spent too much money for your account promotion.
Fast Delivery
Anything that you order would be delivered at your account just in an hour. And it doesn’t matter what package you choose — 100 or 10k likes, we need an hour and not a minute more.
Support 24/7
If you have a question you may write to us at any time. Our managers will give an answer and help you to choose the best offer for your needs.
100% safe
We use only active accounts for likes, so IG controlling system reckons that all of them came by organic ways. It’s completely safe for your account.
Accurate Targeting
You can set your order with flexible targeting options before launching the process of delivery. It would help you to contact with target audience more tightly.
Secure payments
Choose any convenience way of payment — we guarantee financial security for all types of transactions.

FAQ & Answers

Can I buy likes on instagram?
Sure, you can. It’s easy — just choose the amount of likes you need, push ‘Buy’ button and pay your order by any convenient way you find on the website.
Where to buy instagram likes?
Instafollowfast is the cheapest and the fastest service on the whole market. The average cost of 1 like is just a half of cent. And the more likes you buy, the lower price you get. Check it by yourself.
How much does it cost to buy likes on Instagram?
For your convenience we’ve created different packages of likes. The cheapest one gives 100 likes and costs just $1,99. The biggest one has 10k likes and costs just $49,99.
How to get more likes on Instagram instantly?
Just make an order on Instafollowfast, and we would deliver all your likes in an hour. We guarantee the quality of likes. If there is something wrong, we would give your money back.


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«Great company and culture!»
Jesse DeLeon
«Always delivers little more than expected!»
«I highly recommend as I have used it multiple times with exceptional results. You’ll get all ordered likes fast and easy. Also you can choose as much likes on your photos and videos, as you need! Awesome service!»
«Outstanding, exceptional, highly recommend !»
Samuel L.
«I am a repeat customer because they always does a great job. Recommended seller!»
«Great service!»
«A great experience. This was my second time using this service for my instagram page and he didn't disappoint. Thank you!»
«5 STAR Service! Reliable and high quality! Such a pleasure to work. Very professional, I love it.»
«It is the quickest, easiest and most reliable source for your Instagram needs.Very satisfied with the service»
«The prices are extremely fair, and I appreciate the honest service that is provided»
«I got all my likes within couple minutes, you are BIG professional of Instagram!»
Erika Gray
«Awesome job, TY!!!»
«Increased my likes as expected‼ thanks again!»
Grey Ramos
«Great work, quick communication and super results.»
«Did what was promised and beyond. Great work ethic!»
Ruth Cain
«Great experience as always enjoyed working with you! Thank you for your help and communication!»
Melissa B
«Super impressed with responsiveness and professionalism. Thanks for all your help.»
Lewis McKenzie
«as expected , this is a full five star seller . thank you !»
«Was very great to work with, I saw a ton of likes and very fast!»
«My IG likes supplier #1 for long time already and I'll never change it! Thank you so much for such service!»
«The Best of the best. Everything was ok!»
«Outstanding experience! Our account went up with your fast likes! Highly recommended!»
«Good work. Will continue using the seller's services for a longer duration. Thank you!»
«I am a repeat customer and this is a great service, they always does an excellent job so I highly recommend this to everyone!»
«Second order from this seller. Same excellence.»
«Excellent results. I am following up wth another immediate promotion.»
«The only social media manager I trust»
Riley D
«I absolutely could recommend this more highly and will be a regular client from now on! Amazing service and superfast results :)»
«Service works on time, super fast communication, and high quality likes with fast delivery. Starting a new Instagram account and look forward to working with the seller!»
«Awesome service, I will use service again and again!»
«I bought this to get 1000 likes for my Instagram page. The seller exceeded my expectations.»
Nico Z.
«Delivered better than promised! Great job.»
Rob Rob
«Excellent seller. Got more than one thousand likes in just around 30 minutes. Wow, amazing.»
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