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Get more views on Instagram

Instagram - the most popular social network used by over 500 million netizens per day. So, what’s its secret?
  • First thing is its glowing interface. Visual comprehension is the key channel of information uptake for the vast majority of people, so Instagram video views are arguably among the most popular things people do in the social network.
  • Secondly, Insta is the common communication environment for young people, and that’s the reason why this social network is so popular among teenagers. This is some kind of a social fancy party, a “private” club, and if you want to be in a trend, it would be in your best interest to create an account.
  • Finally, on the third track – views, comments and likes. You’ll easily become popular if you possess the right tools. Present days not only stars but also various brands and companies seek for popularity. Those who manage to purchase more views on Instagram become more recognizable and can easily attract new customers.
So how could you make an instant promotion of your Insta profile and get a number of new followers each day? To do that you need our like and view purchase service. Buy cheap Instagram views and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool in your hands!

Buy Instagram Views: 3 reasons to do it

Quick start instead of a long wait
Have you just become a part of the huge Instagram community? Now you need to get a large number of followers as soon as possible. But it’s not going to be so easy to do it by your own, because users tend to visit already warmed-up accounts with lots of views and likes. Therefore, to get the definite number of Instagram views, it’d be better to use special bots. Instagram view bot will help you bring your page to the mainstream, and it will become much easier to get real likes.
Cheap way to find customers
What do people primarily point out? Of course, they give greater attention to the things that are already popular – mob psychology works perfectly on the market. If you pay for Instagram video views, you’ll be able to make your videos top-rated fast. People will see that your page is quite hyped-up and will hurry up to subscribe for it. Remember that every loyal follower is a potential customer!
Likes — a lure for advertisers
The more warmed-up your Insta account is, the more readily advertisers will offer you to place their content. Thus, purchase of Instagram views will be recouped when you start getting profits from commercial posts.

How to gain Instagram views

Full setting of service takes just 2 minutes. And here exactly what you need to do:

Select Package

For your convenience we create a variety of packages, which meet any goals and budgets. But if you need customer setup, just contact us, and we’ll help you.

Do The Setup

Log into Instafloolwfast with your Instagram profile, write your username and e-mail. If you need, set target and likes options — and that’s all.

Make payment

Pay for chosen package. And when the process is launched, open your account and watch the waterfall of new Instagram Followers and Likes

Why you need to choose InstaFollowFast

We are always on trend
We always update our bot services and use only new technologies that give 100% efficiency.
We count views
Our goal is to constantly grow more of your videos and photo viewers. And we always achieve our goals!
Sharp prices
Yes, our services are cheap and even if your budgets are limited, you still can afford it.
Professional promotion
Fake likes and views tend to be visible, but not with our company. We give the impression that all likes are real! We have no difficulty to pass any CAPTCHA and easily hack promotion identification systems.
Loyal conditions
You just tell us what exactly you need, and we form up a unique plan of our further cooperation.

FAQ & Answers

Why should I buy Instagram video views?
Because this is the most advantageous and easiest way to boost Instagram video views, make your account popular, gain new followers, make your brand more identifiable and attract advertisers.
How qualitative are your views?
We have been working in the sphere of Instagram account promotion for years and we ensure the high quality of gain views on instagram services. Our team consists of professional marketing specialists, SMM-specialists and IT-specialists who know what they are doing.
How much does it cost to get views on Instagram?
Our floor price is 10 cents. The cost depends on a package of services you choose. We always provide a discount for those who order large packages. Anyway, you’ll see that the price you pay for views is recovered very fast – as soon as your Insta account becomes popular.
How soon can I get my account promoted using your services?
It depends on how many likes and Instagram live views you’ll buy. Many of our clients got hype and popularity within just one month.
Can I get my account banned?
Any user that violates Instagram Terms of Use can get his/her account banned. From our part we guarantee that all our actions will be within Instagram Terms of Use.
Can users realize that I have fake views?
You can use a special service that monitor the dynamics of followers, likes and views. We know how to bypass them. We just drive up the number of likes and views bit by bit, so such services will never stamp them as a fake.


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«The Seller was highly recommended so I knew I would be satisfied. And he actually ended up over achieving the pre-set goaI. It's more than just a number, the new video views on my Instagram videos are exactly what I wanted to engage. I feel lucky and grateful to benefit from his professionalism, efficiency and excellence.»
«You NEED this for your business. Great way to get your content visible to a larger audience, so my advice - try to order it and you will never regret!»
«Very good :)»
«Bes!!! Very good support and even better results. Highly recommend!»
Ryan McGee
«Was easy to work with "Instafollowfast" and my IG views increased pretty quickly. I will be order again ;))»
«This service is absolutely incredible, my second order! Even better the second time! Engagement is going up like crazy, tons of new followers, likes, comments and views, personally I think IFF the best instagram marketer on Internet! I have tried couple others but IFF still the best! You better start a promotion with IFF immediately, they are the real deal and real fast resuts!»
Paul Gilbert
«Love the service, speed and support!»
«I am really thankful for this website, because the quick service I got from this website help my business to know among mass easily.»
Omar Chang
«If you need Instagram views then look no further»
«This is a very great site for getting instagram views»
George Stanly
«This is a useful way to get views fast»
Steve D.
«It is a great way to increase your visibility on the platform.»
Peter Voice
«We are working for the third time I think and not the last. Professional work and results.»
«I wanted to bump up the # of likes and views on my Instagram videos. This vendor did exactly that! Thank you»
Holly Day
«Really Good, Easy and Effective.»
«Great experience! I highly recommend this service!»
Muriel Jackson
«Well, it worth the price. Your instagram views count will jump up in short periods of time.»
«Will come back again for sure»
Jan H.
«The best instagram service there is..... my instagram account went insane)))»
«This is my fourth order here and this service still fantastic!! My account continue to grow!! I get tons of likes and views on my pictures and videos as a result! This is amazing!»
Catherine Bosworth
«Awesome we are keep ordering, because the service is great.»
«Never been more satisfied with the results.»
«Highly recommended. Did as promised, great support. Thanks again!!!! Will be back.»
«Always professional and some over-delivers!»
«I want to say just WOW, it was fast and like a magic!!!!»
«Satisfied with the quality of work!»
«My friend advised me this service and I must to say thank you for this advice, this is greatest service what I used before. Speed and prices also best!»
«Highly professional and easy to work with you, thanks»
Justin Garcia
«Fast delivery!!!! Great job and I will make new order really soon....»
«great work as always»
«Fabulous service. Will definitely use again.»
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