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If you are among users of Instagram, then you probably noticed that some owners of accounts brag about the number of followers they have or look for the way to increase it. You might also notice that dozens or even hundreds of thousands of people subscribe for totally unremarkable pages.

The point is that the number of Instagram followers is a direct indication of the popularity of an account. Beyond that, a hyped up and popular profile allows making money on IG. If you have more than one thousand followers, then there is a chance that some online store will turn onto your page. Advertising may give you a possibility to earn money and get free goods or services. The price of one promo mention on your profiles depends on how hyped your page is. On top of that, some popular brands or shops do not cooperate with those users, who have less than five thousand followers. Besides, users in you profile must be active, which is to put likes, respond to a review in stories and write comments. You must admit that a page with 1000 subscribers and only 50-100 likes under photos looks suspicious.

Moreover, recently, Instagram has been employing an algorithm, sorting all posts by reach level in order to exclude contents of those users, who actively use bots. This means that if you have a lot of inactive people in you acc, then only some of your friends will see your posts.

So, you should be very careful when driving up the number of followers in order to avoid leaving in the network a trail of its usage. It is better to purchase this service or get followers free for Instagram on a trusted site. Today there are a large number of services that offer fast and cheap drive up. But in most cases, a user either doesn’t get the complete service package or gets it in a low quality (a bot instead of a real follower).

We know that our customers pay great attention to their pages. So, in order to demonstrate the highest quality of our services and the highest speed of their execution, we offer you to buy Instagram followers free trial. As a result, you will get free Insta followers soon after the service activation.

Why buy Free Instagram Followers

You can promote your page by your own, using so-called mass following method. This is the case where you subscribe for accounts, hoping that their owners will become your followers in return and you’ll gain a number of likes and views. But this tool has several significant disadvantages:

Thief of time

It will take you many hours and even days to subscribe for a great number of users by yourself

Low return

Users that don’t know you may ignore your subscription and your profile

Difficulties in searching for a target audience

If your profile delivers some specific content or surveys, then the audience should correspond to it. However, it is pretty hard to do it

Page ban risk

If, within 24 hours, you make more subscriptions than is allowed, your profile may be blocked.

So, the majority prefers to avoid devoting time to mass following and get the number of followers they need on through our website.

Today, purchase or usage of followers for free Instagram is quite widespread even among popular bloggers. Because that actually works, and works much more effectively than begging subscriptions in every post. And if you are looking for the best website for free Instagram followers – look no further. We offer effective drive-up Instagram services at competitive prices and can help you boost the number of your followers instantly after you place your order.

Benefits to get Free IG Followers

There are several reasons showing that it is quite beneficial to purchase an Instagram-follower set:


We start delivering our service immediately after payment or after the placement of order for free fast Instagram followers. Normally it takes around one hour to get the full number of followers.


Purchase – is the fastest, extremely safe and easy way to hype up your account and get quick result.

Low price

You won’t have to spend much money to promote your page. Now you just need to pay only one time when buying our service and we will do the rest.


No need to register. Just give us your Instagram login and email address to receive our feedback.

Technical support

24-hour VIP technical support service is also available for our customers on a daily basis. This is quite necessary in case you want to clarify something, monitor our service execution or just have some questions to ask.


You profile in Instagram Social Network looks more serious with a large number of followers, thus attracting the attention of other real users.


If for some reason your order remains not executed after 24 hours, you will get your money back.

How to get free followers on Instagram

To gain free followers on Instagram, you should fill out a small online-form on our website. Then click “Submit” and that’s all. Now your order is accepted.

Before placing an order for our service, make sure that your Insta profile is open. Otherwise, we will not be able to deliver this service.

FAQ & Answers

How to get free Instagram followers without downloading apps?

If you want the number of your followers and likes to grow fast, but don’t want to download any app and pass any long verification process, then we will help you. A real human (no bots) will subscribe for your page. Followers will not be a dead-weight for you – they will be putting likes and participating in survey.

Yes, many IG users do use special drive-up program. And if you don’t want to do that, then go to our website and obtain new real followers for your Insta profile. Just place an order and make payment or use a free trial package.

How to get more followers on Instagram for free?

To increase the popularity of your Insta-page fast, you can order from us a certain number of active users. Instantly after your order is placed, you will see the number of your followers and likes increasing more and more. We offer tons of real users and likes and your account will gain the popularity very fast.

Where to get free Instagram followers?

If you think “Where can I get Instagram followers for free?”, just go to our web-site. We will help you with fast growth of your IG without any fake followers and websites.

Can I get more IG Followers?

Of course, you can get a lot of active IG Followers in order to gain some additional popularity for your Instagram profile. And to do that you don’t have to use any specific tricks or hacks. Just purchase the number of followers you need through our website.


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«It’s a nice idea to offer your customers to try free trial hype-up. It was not only the offer that I liked, but also the way they executed it.»
«Thank you guys for my hype!!! Of course, I had also started with free followers, but after testing its quality, I switched to paid ones. Well, I think that if this service hadn’t brought me their free followers that fast, I wouldn’t have risked trying their paid hype-up service. And now I sometimes use services of ІInstaFollowFast and I am quite happy with what they provide. Within a couple of months, my account has reached the TOP! I am glad that I found this website and decided to use their services.»
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